Sharing our story with old & new friends alike is the very best unexpected opportunity that has come out of owning a farm so close to the city! Unfortunately, our time to share experiences is finite as we work to balance the daily responsibilities of chores and family life with our commitment to training and educating developing gardeners, homesteaders and farmers. Building resilient food systems in Ohio will always be a core commitment and so, until our facilities are ready for more classes and events, we are offering 1-2 hour intensives for individuals who are interested in this way of life. 

If there is a particular aspect of our lifestyle that you are interested in (such as animal husbandry, permaculture, herbal wisdom etc) we will focus on that during your time here. Or, just schedule a time to come by and learn beside us as we go about our daily activities. Maybe you will harvest herbs with us in the garden, or trim hooves on the goats.The important part of this tour is that it is about YOU, and giving you the information and tools that you need to reach your own goals.  Welcome to our community, let's have a cuppa!


Cost: $40/hr. Bring a friend and get 50% off.

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