As a homeschooling family, we recognize the unique value of new experiences and multi-dimensional learning opportunities to engage minds and hearts.The gardens and wild spaces are especially full of rich diversity here on the farm, as we actively manage in a way that cultivates wild animal and native insect habitat for preservation of beneficial species. This environment tends to create an opportunity for deep creativity, exploration and wonder in our young visitors.


During a tour of our farm, you may enjoy watching the busy work of our hives of honey bees, visiting with dairy goats, or viewing the hogs, horse and poultry that make up our grounds crew. Each tour group is scheduled for 2 hours so that children have an opportunity to arrive and get settled before enjoying a guided tour and group activity, followed by free time to explore the common areas or visit their favorite animals.

Our activities are always hands-on. Depending on the age of our guests and the time of year,  your group may :

Milk a goat or bottle feed their babies.

Harvest and brew your own herbal tea

Learn about the life cycles of honey bees while we break down a frame of honey.

Plant seeds in the garden
Spend time nature journaling

Cost: $8 per student. Free for chaperones or children under 2.

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