We are a small family farmstead in Westerville Ohio focused on regenerative agriculture and gentle living. Through the use of permaculture philosophies and traditional wisdom, we are re-learning ancient practices of holistic animal husbandry, herbalism and food production, while experimenting with emerging teachings in agroforestry, habitat restoration and rotational grazing.

As a new mom, I struggled with providing my children with healthy, nutritious foods. It seems to me that, when it comes to food and so many things in life, the more I knew the harder it was to live without compromise. As I struggled to balance the demands of small children with my desire to give them the best, I quickly found that the industrialized food system here in America had let me down. Between biological neurotoxins being sprayed on our crops, to known carcinogens in children’s cereal and “free range” chickens that never see the light of day, our food is rarely what it claims to be.

I remember clearly the day when I walked into a well-known natural foods chain to buy meat and inquired about the living conditions of the animals displayed in their case (because  studies have demonstrated that pasture raised animals yield more nutritious meat). They pointed me to a 5-step Animal Welfare Rating system that was supposed to educate me and appease my conscience as a consumer.. except that nothing in the case had a welfare rating above 2: an “enriched environment”. As I chatted with the guy behind the food counter, I quickly realized that if I really wanted to do things right I would have to do them myself.

At that time, we were bootlegging raw cow milk from over the border because it was nearly impossible to access legally in my state and we were experiencing the incredible healing power of nutrient dense foods to cure our minds, bodies and souls. Foods that were still in the image of how they were created with minimal processing, raised within the context of how they were meant to grow.

And you see, I’m not just talking about meat here; animals, vegetables and fruit all have a context.  They grow in relationship with what is around them. They thrive on a rich and diverse soil web, they interact with their surrounding culture and as they climb, clamber and reach towards the sky they benefit from the air, from the pollinators and from the water that falls- infused with a complex atmosphere which is rich in minerals and Co2





which is then converted into carbon,
which is sequestered in our soil,
which feeds the critters,
which nourishes the roots,
which grow the plants,
which then feeds our bodies..
Do you see the cycle?

This is the goodness that I am here to share with you.

Whether it be the flavorful goodness of a pasture raised, 100% hatch-to-plate free range chicken..
nurtured on pasture with sunshine bugs and grass as it grows..

Or of protein- rich whole raw milk from goats..
raised on a diverse forage,  and selected for components that have been linked to healthier and more resilient kids..

Or of immune-boosting heirloom garlic, thyme and elderberries..
grown in rich compost and weeded by hand under the hot sun..

And I am here to encourage you on your journey. To encourage you towards a cleaner, simpler life. Towards self -sufficiency, towards community, into a village where we care about our bodies and our souls.

This is what our family is about.

This is what Jedidiah Farm is about.



- Sarah Taylor

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