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We are currently resting our land 

and will not be offering

any events or products

in 2020. 

thank you for supporting our farm!

Who we are:

JEDIDIAH FARM + STUDIO is a 5-acre diversified and pasture based farm in Westerville Ohio. Located just 15 miles from downtown Columbus, we are committed to stewarding our land through ecological diversity, multi-species rotational grazing and holistic nourishment of the plants, livestock, and people who share this space.

What we do:

The gardens and wild spaces are full of rich diversity here on the farm. We actively manage in a way that cultivates wild animal and native insect habitat for preservation of beneficial species. During a tour of our farm, you may enjoy watching the busy work of our hives of honey bees, visiting with dairy goats, or viewing the hogs, horse and poultry that make up our grounds crew.

What we offer:

Free Range Chicken

Pastured, Heritage Hogs

Raw  Goat Milk Herd shares

Herbal Teas, Syrups & Salves

Seasonal Produce

Fresh & Dried Herbs

Raw Honey

Goat's Milk Soap

Beeswax Candles

Classes & Events

The birds taste like no others, this is chicken! Our other birds are very good, these are sublime.

Park Street Poultry